Sunday, 9 August 2009

Things I'd forgotten

Did a little bit of tidying/sorting in my workroom today and came across these pieces which I realise I have completely forgotten to blog about.

A while ago, I read a tutorial on the method Susan Lenz uses to create her "In-Box". Susan has created a whole series of wonderful work using this method, some of which can also be seen here as well as on her usual blog. I didn't have much synthetic velvet so just used snippets of stuff from my stash.

Here's a close up where you can really see how the kunin felt melts away to leave the lovely crunchy foiled lacy divisions between the 'boxes'.

This is a shop bought wooden box (99p) which I covered in kitchen foil and painted with alcohol inks. I also did one with the painted foil method as a birthday gift for a friend but forgot to take a photo (sorry). This one will go into my gift stash ready for the next suitable recipient.

A couple of weeks ago I picked up a couple of shiny metal planters in John Lewis' sale for £3.00 each. I figured they were just a thicker sort of metal foil so they also got the painted look.

And these were two nasty shiny silvered ceramic vases that I bought in B & Q for just 10p each! The 'silver' finish hadn't taken properly in spots so I guess that's the reason they were so cheap. But hey - I saw metal so couldn't resist and they've been painted now too.

And lastly, this is a little pouch bag I made to keep my A5 sketchbook and pencils in. I can definitely see a coppery theme going on in this post. . . .


Terri Stegmiller said...

Love that blue piece at the top and yum, totally love the little pouch bag. Thanks for your comment and quilt name suggestion on my blog. I enjoyed your perspective on the coffee shop scene.

Kirsty Wiseman said...

oooh you are so creative.
I loved reading your past few posts xx

Jackie said...

Lovely work. Copper is good!
Thanks for your comment on the food in Norfolk. I think there's good food to be had in many places, and when you're in a B&B you just have to eat out...

Susan said...

Right not I'm sitting in my son's flat in Birmingham, UK. (He dances for Birmingham Royal Ballet.) I'm on a return trip from a workshop under the fabulous Sara Lechner in Austria....also attended by some Swedish embroidery friends. (All these stitchers have connected due to blogging!) After checking email, I looked in on my blog's site meter and found my way to this great post! Your In Box is absolutely GREAT! Thanks so very, very much for sharing your piece and including a link to me! The photos are wonderful. Reading your post has certainly been the best way to wrap up a great week! Thanks so much!