Friday, 29 January 2010

On the mend

At long last, I'm finally starting to feel a little more like my normal self. But in case you thought I'd been completely idle, I thought I'd show you a work in progress that I made a little more headway with in the past couple of weeks.

It started with this photograph of rust taken a couple of years ago whilst enjoying a textiles holiday here.

I played around with it a bit in Picasa to bring out all the wonderful colours that you could see with the naked eye but that the camera just couldn't seem to capture and have started a small hand embroidered panel. I wanted something that I could pick up and put down as the mood takes me (or to do whilst keeping my DH company while he watches stuff on the TV that doesn't really interest me) so it came in very useful lately when I haven't felt like doing anything much at all!

I have also started on the first of what I think will be my first 'series' of works but you'll have to wait to see it I'm afraid as I'm planning to enter it into a juried exhibition - yikes!

1 comment:

softearthart said...

Hi, Glad that you are on the mend, lovely bold colors in this piece, cheers Marie