Saturday, 10 April 2010

Just like buses

Nothing for ages then loads all at once - that's how this blog is going. Oh I don't mean it to be like this but sometimes that's just how life is.

Anyway, this is what I've been up to.

More postcards

An ugly piece of fabric doctored with dyes and metallic fabric paints

Some discharged black fabric

A vessel (this is destined to be a birthday gift for a friend)

Some playing around with fabric scraps and the embellisher (after watching these)

And 42 dyed fat quarters - just in case. You know how it is - a girl can never have too much fabric in her stash. These were recycled cotton sheets from the charity shop.

Some interesting markings on a couple of these

Sorry for the rubbish quality of the photos. I tried everywhere in the house to get some decent shots but ended up with these. Still, you get the idea.

Three other things are still in progress which I'll tell you about later as two of them are birthday gifts for my nieces and I think they look in here from time to time. Don't want to give the game away!

And finally, I suggested a solution to a problem a fellow blogger, Eileen, was having here and she sent me one of her lovely cards and a box of acrylic stamps as a thank you. Isn't blogland great.

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