Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Four days and five nights in Italy

Arrived home safely last night after four days in Puglia with Maggie Grey but minus my iPhone which I'd managed to leave on the train. Luckily, it was found by a very charming young man who kept it safe for me and we met up today at Cambridge railway station so I could collect it. Almost 24 hours spent phoneless sharply brought it home to me just how much I rely on it!

Anyway, here are a few photos of the trip:-

Interesting shadow of one of the gates at the Masseria

The pool and the two trulli at the bottom of the garden

Visiting the village of Alberobello to see the trulli

A marvellous lichen speckled wall

And this is John eating a large Italian ice cream. It's become a tradition when we go away that I take a photo of John eating his favourite food (?)

No pictures yet of the work I created because I didn't manage to finish much of what I started - simply ran out of time - four days and five nights away wasn't nearly long enough....

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