Friday, 23 July 2010

Water, water, everywhere ...

Back in this post, I mentioned I was going on a two day course with Jean Littlejohn at Broadland Arts Centre. I finally got round to taking some photos of the work I did there, and some other bits around the same "Waterscapes" theme that I've done subsequently.

First, a couple of (bad) watercolour pencil sketches of reflections/patterns in a river:-

And a painting of swimming pool reflections that I did with Koh-i-Noor dye-based watercolours, left to dry and then drawn on with a cocktail stick dipped in bleach.

Here are some of the small pieces I've stitched:-

So definitely water everywhere but none that can be drunk!

1 comment:

DIAN said...

I love these watery pieces. I am currently dying some blue fabric and this has given me added inspiration.