Thursday, 9 April 2009

Last few days

Just time to post a couple of photos of stuff I've been working on this week before putting the dinner on. The picture quality isn't great as they were taken with my iphone camera - will get John to take some better ones over the weekend with his all singing, all dancing digital camera.

The first one is a bought artist's sketchpad with a canvas covered board front and back. I first covered it with ordinary kitchen foil stuck down with heavy gloss gel medium. I then painted it with various colours of Golden Fluid Acylics mixed with Golden GAC 200 medium (assists adhesion to non-porous surfaces and promotes surface hardness). I'm quite pleased with it - the colours really glow.

This is a cheap and cheerful A5 notebook bought at the local supermarket for less than £2.00. I used my Pfaff embellisher on some cheap black stretchy velvet over craft vilene. I then embellished some multi coloured yarn and copper coloured crochet cotton from my stash over the top. It was a bit too much "in your face" so I embellished a tan coloured chiffon scarf over the top to knock back the bling. Finally added some machine stitching. The photo really doesn't do it justice.

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