Friday, 31 July 2009

Amazing Grace!

I've been busy sewing for Grace who's growing like the proverbial weed. I haven't managed to get to see her for a fortnight and I swear she's grown two inches and even more gorgeous than ever. I know I'm the doting Nana but scroll down and you'll see what I mean.

First up are a couple of little summer dresses although if the weather we've been having lately keeps up she'll be too big for them when the sun does make a reappearance.

And a little pinafore dress based on the same pattern. The sharp eyed amongst you may have noticed an absence of buttons on these. That ISN'T because I can't do buttonholes but because her Mum has a "thing" about them. So velcro and hooks and eyes to the rescue. Can you guess what fabric I used for this?

I had some fabric left over from making her cot quilt and bumper so ran her up this little elasticated waist skirt.

And this one is my favourite - the fabric was in the sale for only 99p a metre and the broderie anglais trim at 50p. I can't resist a bargain so bought five metres of each. I may make her Mum a (more grown up style) matching skirt and maybe one for me too.

I looked after Grace for a couple of hours last night while her Mum popped out. And wasn't I surprised to discover that in two weeks she's mastered cutlery!

Here's proof it goes where it should (most of the time at least)

All done Nanamanda - wipe my face please!

Isn't she just adorable .....

And for those of you still guessing what the checked pinafore dress is made of - two teacloths that cost the princely sum of 36p each!

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