Saturday, 30 October 2010


Mum decided to apply for a place in a sheltered housing complex now she's on her own. Places don't come up very often and are allocated on a 'points' system so we weren't expecting her to be offered anything anytime soon. How wrong can you be! After only a couple of weeks on the waiting list, she was offered, and accepted, a lovely little flat in a complex right in the centre of town.

Next step was to put her bungalow up for sale. Lo and behold, it was snapped up by a cash buyer before the ink was dry on the sale particulars! So, it was then all systems go on sorting out what she wanted to keep and what had to go. I spent a few days helping her to sort out the contents of her loft and came home with a car full of her craft supplies and it's taken me about three weeks to marry her stash with mine.

One of the things she's passed on to me is this (sorry about the poor photo):-

Together with all these:-

And this book:-

With the passing comment, "It would be nice if you could finish this in my lifetime". She's 75 (bless her) so no pressure there then!

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Vicki W said...

lol! No pressure!