Sunday, 24 October 2010

Better late than never

My first day at the Knitting & Stitching Show was spent in admiring the exhibits, chatting to friends and, of course, shopping.

I didn't have enough hands to take photos but I particularly enjoyed the Julia Caprara retrospective amongst the wealth of stunning work on display. Ally Pally is definitely the best show of the whole year for me.

So, what did I buy? Mainly books this year - the new one from Jan Beaney & Jean Littlejohn called 'Stitchscapes' (and the accompanying CD too), 'Drawn to Stitch' by Gwen Hedley and 'Art Cloth' by Jane Dunnewold. Some lovely wool from the Colinette stand came home with me too, along with numerous threads and other bits and pieces that I just couldn't resist. And I finally bought a screen from Thermofax:-

I intend putting this to good use as I continue with the Waterscapes themed work started in Jean's workshop that I took earlier this year at Broadland Arts Centre.

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