Sunday, 14 February 2010

'Revelation' update, Creative Cue and a Lovely Surprise!

I've had a few tries with Dan Nelson's method of drawing with varying degrees of success. I'm wondering whether it's just not possible to teach this old dog new tricks but I will persevere. This is the best of the bunch so far:-

Last Sunday's Creative Cue word was Tie which reminded me of a UFO from last summer. I cut strips from lots of old silk ties with a view to making a garment of some sort - maybe a waistcoat - but I didn't get very far and they'd got bundled together in a bag in the UFO box. I'd completely forgotten about them until I started thinking about the Cue so I unearthed them and did some more stitching. I'd also forgotten how fiddly and mind-numbingly boring it was! Anyway, here's the results:-

And they've now gone back in the UFO box for a rainy day.

Finally, Myfanwy has nominated me for an award - what a lovely surprise!

To accept the award, I need to include the logo on my own blog (done that - see above), pass the award onto five other bloggers and link to them within the post (see below) and let the nominees know they have been nominated for the award by commenting on their blogs (and I'll be off to do that as soon as I've posted this!)

First up is Pat who always has something interesting to say, writes great poetry, takes lovely pictures of life in the Yorkshire Dales and who sews as well. Next is Mai in Japan who makes the most delightful tiny, little things which are all hand sewn. Mai recently got married and is expecting her first baby who is currently known as 'Tomato'! Karen also does exquisite hand embroidery - I don't know how she has the patience - nor how she manages to keep her (mainly white) work so clean. Gwen in the USA writes a blog called "Textile Arts Resource Guide" which aims to "identify and provide access to a wide range of online resources that are informational, inspirational and/or thought provoking" and she certainly succeeds. Lastly Susan, also in the USA and mentioned before on this blog here and whose work I really admire.

Please pop over and say hello to my nominees (it was really difficult picking just five!). I'm sure you'll enjoy their blogs as much as I do.


karen said...

Hi Amanda. thankyou so much for this. karen

Terri Stegmiller said...

That fiddly work on the ties looks cool. Perhaps another cue later down the road will inspire you to get them out again.

Linda said...

Hmmm - I've tried working with real ties too!

Thanks for the Dan Nelson link, interesting videos.

Susan said...

Thanks so much for honoring me and my blog! It is so wonderful to hear from people like you who truly appreciate my work, the miles of stitches, the underlying concept, and the total joy of sharing art through Internet connections! I've got two more days with Blues Chapel and Last Words, my solo installations. It has been quite a treat to see people's reactions. I've had a photographer capture images with a wide-angle lens in order to put together a great exhibition proposal. Hopefully, there will museums and galleries interested in the work. I'd love to continue the theme, the series, and reach new audiences. In the meantime, thanks so much for drawing attention to me. Sharing my stitching is the most important thing!
PS I should follow Dan Nelson's like too. Drawing is a skill I haven't all! Interesting approach!

Karen M said...

Great paterns in those ties. Sounds like a good project to work on when you don't feel like thinking too much, just sewing.

Gwen Magee (Gwendolyn) said...

Hi Amanda,

What a wonderful surprise - Thank you so much! And thanks for introducing me to the work of Karen & Susan - its stunning!


Tramp said...

I'm a bit late but thanks for the link to the drawing video and links to the other blogs...Tramp