Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Sharpies, alcohol and the next generation

Today I've been messing about with Sharpie permanent marker pens. I had a boring white t-shirt that needed a bit of livening up ready for my holiday next week so, after stretching it over a frame to stop any ink seeping through the front onto the back, I just doodled.

Then the serendipity bit - applying isopropyl alcohol, drop by drop, with a pipette. This is what I ended up with:-

On a completely different subject, my 7 year old nephew, Finley (on the right):-

was obviously inspired by his stitched portrait as my sister sent me this photo today:-

I understand it's going to be an England flag and he's going to do a little bit every day. Although he loves to draw and paint, I think this is the first time he's ever tried his hand at embroidery. I'm so chuffed he wants to emulate his Aunty.

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